ADAA (American Dental Assistants Association) is the national professional dental assisting association

NDDAA (North Dakota Dental Assistants Association) is the state association under the ADAA.

Why do I need state registration or to be registered as a dental assistant in ND? To be able to perform most duties within ND this is required. Please refer to the duties & supervisions chart on the ND Board of Dental Examiners website under Laws/Regulations: www.nddentalboard.orgWhat should my name badge reflect? If you are registered in ND- your name badge should state RDA following your name.

What about certification or to be certified by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB)? You receive this status if you have passed the national board examination and continue to maintain their criteria. This credential holds the honor of possessing a knowledge base of passing a national board exam and is acknowledged as a great accomplishment. Only holding the certification status will NOT permit a dental assistant to perform the expanded functions in ND one would also need to be registered. If you are certified your credential is written as CDA following your name so your name badge would reflect this status.

What if I am registered and certified how would my credentials be written? The credentials are written separately as: RDA, CDA (not as CRDA).

How may I nominate an outstanding dental assistant? Nomination Form

How may I find information about upcoming CE in ND? Calender of Events

Where may I find resources for online CE? and ADAA

How do I post an employment opportunity?

How do I become a North Dakota Dental Assistants Association board member? We invite you to attend the NDDAA annual session general assembly in September. Nominations for officer positions will be taken at that time. Please consider becoming a board member and get involved in decisions of dental assistants within our state and nationally.

What are the NDDAA board officer positions and duties? Please go to officer area and meet the current board members and review each board member duty.

How may I network with other professionals? Please join us at the annual session in September to obtain continuing education credits and network with other dental professionals.

We are proud to introduce Chanel Malone

Dental Assisting Program Coordinator

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Chanel Malone and I'm the new Dental Assisting Program Coordinator at North Dakota State College of Science. I began as the Dental Assisting Program Coordinator in mid-August. I love my new position, and could not imagine a better opportunity. I am learning so much and really enjoy being involved in the dental community in a new way. My co-workers here are wonderful to work with and I am blessed to have such experienced people to guide me. I have a great group of students this year, they are extremely smart and talented, and will be great assets to the dental community.

I grew up in Fargo, and graduated from Shanley High School. I attended NDSU for two years and then NDSCS where I completed the Dental Assisting Program. I then began working while I continued my education at MSUM, and completed my Bachelor's Degree in Community Health.

I have a deep rooted dental connection as my mother was a dental assistant and my step-father, Jim Werre, was an orthodontist. I began my work experience in high school helping in the summer months at Jim's office. This is where my love of the dental field began, and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn at an early age and gain so much knowledge from him. After graduating from NDSCS, I continued to work for Jim until he retired in 2012. I then worked at a wonderful pediatric dental office in Fargo, which I loved every minute of. My identical twin sister is a dental hygienist and graduate of NDSCS as well. She is an instructor in the hygiene program at MState in Moorhead, and a clinical hygienist at a dental office in Fargo. I look forward to the year ahead.

Desk of Lucinda

Welcome to the "Desk of Lucinda!" This is an area which will share information such as educational and student mentorship opportunities, links to websites for CE, making an impact on the dental profession, and connecting with other professionals.

Provide an opportunity- Student Internships:

The NDSCS Dental Assisting students must complete a 200 hour summer internship as a final graduation requirement. If your office is interested in providing this valuable clinical mentorship for a student to meet this requirement- please contact Chanel Malone @ 701-671-2367 for more information or

Make an impact- Share your Knowledge:

Please offer practical tips to enhance the dental assisting chairside skill- share your hands on knowledge. Share tips on communication skills with the dental patient, professionalism, how to promote teamwork, new products and any other information which will be valuable as the student progresses through their clinical rotations. You may email your tips of expertise

Need for Dental Assistants in ND:

There are many career opportunities for dental assistants in ND. In some locations, there is a shortage of dental assistants. The NDDAA website will post openings, please contact Robyn (editor) for more information. Please promote the dental assisting profession so it may grow and the workforce needs will be met. Spread the word….recruit your friends, family, and patients…to become a team member of a wonderful, rewarding profession.